Kühn Keramik is a ceramic workshop in Berlin, Germany, run by Bernhard  Kühn, the artistic head and all the items are handcrafted. Bernhard Kühn and his team create everything from unique cups and plates to small decorative sculptures. The products are made of clay from the Westerwald region and the glaze comes from Meissen. They are typically spruced up with gold, silver or platinum. Additionally, they feature more than 400 different motifs burnt into the ceramic. No piece is like the other, yet they all carry Kühn’s signature style - Alice in Wonderland, baroque, ironic, humor.

As the items are handmade and embrace unique variations such as variation in glaze and colors, you can occasionally see tool marks, bubbles, marks from the maker. These are inherent in our hand-made pieces and are the reasons, which makes each piece unique.