Pallares Solsona Carbon Steel with boxwood handle Kitchen knife Medium 13cm
Pallares Solsona Carbon Steel with boxwood handle Kitchen knives  handmade in Spain


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Pallarès Solsona carbon steel kitchen knives are handmade from high-quality carbon steel and set with a boxwood handle by the third generation of Pallarès family who has been making knives and blades since 1917 in Solsona, Spain. Pallerès knives were chosen by renowned chefs and restaurants worldwide. 

Pallarès Solsona's carbon steel blade is lighter but harder than a stainless-steel blade, so it cuts longer than a stainless-steel one(you don't need to sharpen as often). However, it can rust if it remains wet. So please keep the blade dry after hand washing.

 It is natural for carbon steel to develop a patina over time. Happy cooking!


Made in Spain.

Materials: Carbon Steel and Boxwood. See other sizes Small(9cm) / Medium(13cm) / X-Large(22cm)

Small(pairing) Knife - 9 cm/ 3.5" blade
Medium Knife - 13 cm/ 5.2" blade
Large Knife - 16 cm/ 6.3" blade
X-Large Knife - 22cm/ 8.6" blade

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