Kerzon is a French natural care brand, started from a family adventure, a beautiful complicity between two brothers, Etienne and Pierre-Alexis. Inspired by the fragrances of their family home, the creative duo has combined olfactory sensations, memories from travel, and a passion for craftsmanship to develop natural care products for the home, the linens, and the body. 

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Minois Paris is a natural care line for babies and children, made in France with a greatest requirement. Hélène Fulchi, founder of Minois Paris, who had worked for almost 10 years in the communications and media industry, decided to take the plunge with Minois after her daughter Paz was born. A new mum with a great sense of responsibility, Hélène looked for products for her daughter which were perfect in terms of composition, effective in terms of results and stylishly designed. She realised that it was very difficult to find products which combined all of these criteria. And so Minois came into the world! Skincare with a transparent approach, a list of ingredients which is easy to read and understand and an attractive brand identity.

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Co-founded by David Samuelsson, Stockholm-based Tangent GC(Tangent Garment Care) was conceived to prolong the life of clothing and shoes through non-mass-produced, chemical-free products. The brand launched skin care products afterwards featuring organic natural ingredients of the highest quality. Their organic skincare products come in beautifully designed packages featuring subtle and unique fragrances. 

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Savonnerie Marius Fabre is a family-owned French company and the family has been making soap that is cooked in a cauldron to traditional Marseille soap-making methods since 1900 and for 4 generations in Salon-de-Provence, France. The company was awarded with The “Living Heritage Company” label, in 2009 by the French Ministry of Economy, Industry and Employment for their finest industrial and artisanal expertise. 

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Since 1947 Andrée Jardin has created "de vrais balais qui durent" (translation "real brushes that last"). Andrée Jardin, family-owned French brosserie (brush maker) is reviving the French craftsmanship of what were once called "Paris articles": hairbrushes, clothes brushes, house brushes, brooms.... Promising simplicity, quality and durability, Andrée Jardin designs and manufactures essentials for the home that are equal parts useful, well-made and beautiful.

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Normandy, France based Filt has been making woven cotton bags, fishing nets, ropes, candle wicks and other woven cotton goods since 1860. Their bags, also called filets, are lightweight, durable, expandable and stylish. Often imitated but never duplicated, Filt bags are perfect for everyday errands and adventures alike.  

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