Shipping Policy

Dear customers,

We deeply appreciate it when you choose to purchase from small businesses like ours and are proud to pay our staff for their time and talents during the shipping process.

Due to staff time spent preparing orders and increased cost of postage, which can both be quite high when heavy or fragile items are shipped, we had to adjust our shipping policy effective from January 2021. 


For US orders, we offer free shipping on orders over $150 via UPS or USPS. This will not apply with promotions and sales. 

  • Please allow 1-2 business days for processing to ship your items. We strive to ship as soon as we receive all orders. We send out order confirmations along with shipment confirmations and tracking numbers as soon as your package ships out. (This processing time might take longer during promotions and holiday seasons.)
  • Shipping cost will be calculated automatically in the system according to weight and dimensions.
  • For shipping within the US, it can take up to 1-8 business days after your item has been received by UPS or USPS. 
  • If you wish a shipping method with 'signature required' option for security, please notify us. 

Once delivered, we are not responsible for lost or stolen packages. Please be sure to include any special delivery instructions when placing your order. If you suspect your package has been stolen or mis-delivered, we recommend checking with your mail carrier and neighbors.

For orders for South Korea, phone number and personal custom clearance code are mandatory. Please write your name and address in Korean and don't forget to leave your phone number and your personal custom clearance code!

한국에서 주문하시거나 한국으로 받으시길 원하는 고객 여러분, 배송비를 줄이고 가장 빠르고 정확하게 배송해드리기 위해서, 한국 택배사를 이용하고 있습니다. 코로나 이후, 택배사의 영업이  제한되고 있어서 금요일에 (공휴일이나 부득이한 상황에는 월요일이나 수요일에) 일괄적으로 한국 택배사를 통해 발송해드리니 참고부탁드립니다. 택배 회사에서 출고된 후, 일주일 내, 빠르면 3일 안에 한국으로 배송됩니다. $200불까지 부과되는 관세가 없으니 참고해주세요!

한국으로 배송받으실 경우, 받으시는 분 이름과 주소를 한국어로 작성해주시고 전화번호와 통관번호가 필수로 요구되니 꼭 기입해주시기 부탁드립니다.  정확하고 신속한 배송에 도움이 되니 참고해주세요.

개인 통관 번호나 전화번호 미입력으로 배송 지연이나 통관 시 문제가 발생할 수 있으니 유의 부탁드립니다. 

배송 조회는, 에서 성함과 전화번호로 가능합니다.  


For other countries, please contact us at! Merci!