Kerzon’s liquid laundry soap Place des Vosges
Kerzon’s liquid laundry soap Place des Vosges
Kerzon’s liquid laundry soap Place des Vosges


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Kerzon’s liquid laundry soap is made in the heart of French Provence according to an ancestral method that combines natural, biodegradable vegetal oils. It is perfect for both machine and handwashing, and it preserves all the beauty of your favorite clothes while leaving them delicately fragrant. This detergent ensures a dazzling clean for all of your textiles (wool, silk, cashmere, etc.) and can be used in washes between 80° to 130° F.

The Place des Vosges fragranced laundry soap is inspired by the fluffy petals of the Bulgarian rose with a flowery head and a sweet, velvety heart paired with mango on top of a fresh, lemony geranium base.

All-natural and eco-friendly. Contains about 22 washes. 

Thank you for reducing water pollution, energy consumption and waste production by using Kerzon's laundry soap.

1000ml (33.3 fl. oz.)


For an ideal dosage, we recommend pouring the equivalent of one measure in your washing machine’s dedicated detergent slot and not to add additional softener - this soap does that perfectly.

5-15% savon (soap), parfum (fragrance), benzyl salicylate, linalool.
Free from parabens, phthalates, sulphates, phenoxyethanol, silicon and coloring.

Made in France

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