MINOIS PARIS CRÈME DOUCE (Minois Paris Gentle Body Cream)is moisturizing cream for face and body.
MINOIS PARIS CRÈME DOUCE (Minois Paris Gentle Body Cream)is moisturizing cream for face and body. Organic and natural ingredients.


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MINOIS PARIS CRÈME DOUCE (Minois Paris Gentle Face & Body Cream) is moisturizing cream for face and body.

Quickly absorbed and non-greasy. The natural formula contains organic orange blossom water, organic Shea butter, organic almond oil and organic calendula with softening, soothing properties. This treatment nourishes, protects and comforts the delicate skin of babies and older children.



Warm a small amount with fingers before use. Apply delicately on the face and body. 

Ensure skin compatibility by testing the product on a small area of the skin first. Stop using if irritation occurs. Avoid contact with eyes. External use only. Do not use on injured or irritated skin.

Ingredients and Qualities

All active ingredients are produced organically.

The Gentle Cream is enriched with :
- Orange blossom water: renowned for its smoothing and soothing properties.
- Shea butter: a go-to in natural toiletries. Its many virtues including being hydrating, protecting and soothing!
- Sweet almond oil: rich in vitamins A,B,D and E andfatty acids, it nourishes, softens and soothes sensitive skinl.

Full ingredient list:
Aqua, citrus aurantium amara flower water, butyrospermum parkii butter, glycerin, propanediol dicaprylate, cetearyl alcohol, prunus amygdalus dulcisoil, glycerym stearate, helianthus annuus seed oil, tapioca starch, parfum, calendula officinalis flower extract, cetearyl, glucoside, tocopherol, chlorphenesin, benzyl alcohol, citric acid.


Dermatologically tested.

Free from parabens, sulphates, phenoxyethanol, silicone and colorings. Natural ingredients. Cruelty-Free.

Made in France

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